About Me

Hello! I'm W.M. Prabhash Nadeeshan Jayaweera. I'm a University Student, Creative Writer, and a Volunteer Subtitles Translator.

Since I was a 10 years old little boy, I loved science and technology a lot. I started to seek knowledge by reading books, newspapers and magazines.

The first time I saw a computer, I fell in love with computer science. I have been searching for IT knowledge since that specific day. I have registered with a lot of computer science classes as a child. My first computer OS was Windows 98.

The major dream of mine was, being an owner of a computer. When I was 15 years old, that dream became real. I owned a PC with a Pentium III processor with Windows XP.

At that time period, I have followed a Microsoft Office training program and a computer hardware course. I have selected Information and Communication Technology as a subject for my local Ordinary Level Examination.

Because of my limitless love of IT and computer science, I have followed a Diploma course in Information Technology. After finishing my Diploma in IT, I have enrolled in a degree program conducted by NCC Educations (UK) and I have successfully completed its first year.

Meanwhile, I have also completed my local Advanced Level examination with the technology stream including Information and Communication Technology, Science for Technology and Engineering Technology.

I have been selected for the Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology degree program at University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka.

Now, I'm in the first year of that four years degree program. It's like a dream, which came true. Because of my thirst for technology education, I'm searching for new knowledge every day outside of my academic studies. I'm trying a lot to give that new knowledge to others who are also seeking ICT related stuff. That's why I gave a lot of space on technology related articles on my blog.

If you are trying to reach me on any educational or professional necessity, please do not hesitate to contact me via any method that I provided.

Thank you!